Amase Privacy Policy

Amase project Privacy Policy 


Purpose of collecting personal data:


AMASE wants to support teachers to bridge the gap between advanced technologies in the real world and STEM education in the classroom for students from 12-18 years old. Therefore Amase collects contact information from teachers and data from questionnaires related to the pedagogy of New Material Science.

Why did/do you collect the data?

To improve the teaching of science and the teacher education in the field of New Material Science. Contact info or data data is collected to communicate with teachers and provide them with learning materials that are developed and researched by the Amase Consortium. Occasionally the data or a photo can be used to illustrate a certain activity in class or to recruit student teachers in order to educate enough science teachers in Europe.


What is the legal basis for the collection of personal data?

The participant gives permission to collect their data and to store it by the project team for the above purposes. The project serves to improve teaching, teacher training & educational research in a broad sense. Additionally, data or a photo can be used to communicate activities of Amase or to recruit student teachers in order to train enough science teachers for European schools.


Which personal data is shared with third parties?

Personal data is never shared and only anonymous information and conclusions can be shared outside the project team. Occasionally a photo taken during a class activity or teacher training event can be shared in a general sense to illustrate a pedagogy or communicate about science education.


Which personal data are requested?

The name, email, name of the school, city and country is asked and occasionally a picture can be taken during an activity in class or a teacher training event to illustrate a certain pedagogy. 


Who is responsible for processing the data? 

Responsible for processing the collected data is UC Limburg VZW, with registered office at Agoralaan, Building B, bus 1, 3590 Diepenbeek, Belgium, company number 0417.195.515 and VAT number BE 0417.195.515 RPR (register of legal entities): Hasselt. 


How long will your data be stored?

UCLL stores the data no longer than necessary for the above mentioned educational goals. Participants can be contacted for follow-up research, but can retract themselves at all times. 


Data inquiry

Participants have the right to request the stored personal data and, whenever necessary, to rectify these. On simple request, the personal data can be erased at all times by stating so in a mail to